What to Bring

Equipment Required

1. Protective Headgear
2. Smooth-soled riding boots or hiking boots with a heel
3. Rain gear with hood
4. Jeans or riding pants for riding

Other Items to Bring

5. Sunscreen
6. Shorts
7. Comfortable shoes
8. Warm gloves for cold rainy days
9. Complete change of clothes to keep at camp
10. Sack lunch every day (labeled)
11. Ribbons, decor for your horse for Friday’s horse show.
12. Carrots and apples for your horse
13. Medications & Prescriptions, "Tylenol", antihistamine, or whatever you want your child to have in case of allergic reaction to food, dust, pollen, insect sting, etc.

Please note that one of our new American Camping Association standards requires any medications brought to camp to be in a bottle with doctor's orders written on bottle. All medications must be given to the staff for safety and administered only by staff.

Since Red Gate Farm is a learn-by-doing camp, we do things no matter what the weather is doing! Be sure to wear clothes that can get dirty and will not hold you back from participating in the fun.

We ride every day regardless of the weather. If rain is in the forecast be sure to bring a raincoat and gloves. Each camper will be assigned a cubby hole for their gear.

Approved riding helmets provide the very best protection. For your child's safety please supply him/her with ASTM/SEI approved protective headgear. (If you send a bicycle helmet, a helmet waiver must be signed) Riding helmets may be purchased at any local horse supply store such as Olson Mills in Bellevue, The Gift Horse in Woodinville, The Grange in Issaquah or among others.